Future 100 Report by Wunderman Thompson

The Future 100: 2021 – 21.01
Trends Shaping Culture and Economies

  • The much-anticipated annual Future 100 Report maps the way forward for brands in a world where creative innovation is more important than ever.
  • The one hundred trends are drawn from the culture, technology, travel, branding & marketing, food & drink, beauty, retail, health, business and finance sectors.
  • For the first time, the report also looks at work trends, as the dual forces of a mass shift to home working and the rise in unemployment fueled by the pandemic, change our professional lives dramatically.

The Future 100: 2020 – 01.20

  • At the turn of a new decade, The Future 100: 2020 projects a deliberately optimistic future as brands and consumer strive to move past the despondent and unsettling mood that characterized the latter part of the 2010s

The Future 100: 2.0.20 – 05.20

  • In this special edition of our annual “The Future 100” report, we identify 25 trends that have accelerated, matured or come to light since we released the original “The Future 100: 2020” in January. In the wake of COVID-19, the report will help brands understand shifting demands, navigate emerging consumer behaviors and chart a course through the evolving landscape.

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