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Centrul Global Focus – Bucharest-based independent international studies centre and think tank which produces in-depth research and high quality analysis on foreign policy, European Affairs, good governance, security and development

  • un think tank românesc cu participări internaționale redutabile

Centrul Global Focus publică EasternFocus – Bucharest-based English-language quarterly bringing regional voices, ideas and topics to the great debates of today. Shedding light on regional developments. Anchored in democratic values. Delivered straight to the movers’ and shakers’ inboxes across Europe, America and globally. Connecting people across geographies and thought bubbles.

  • The World After Tommorrow (pdf) – Autumn 2020
  • Thirty Years Later. The unfinished revolution (pdf) – Autumn 2019
  • Europe, still unwhole and unfree (pdf) – Summer 2019
  • Elections and Malign Interference (pdf) – Spring 2019
  • o publicație singulară în România
  • pont RoC: un mai clar “focus on Central-Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Balkans”

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